Another great news update from Team BRP/Sea-Doo:

BRP and its Sea-Doo brand have united with Devin Super Tramp, Sea-Doo X-Team riders and NIKE wakeskate athletes in a new video to feature the ease and fun of owning a Sea-Doo watercraft.

This new video is an extension of an integrated campaign that incorporates experiential and digital marketing, the innovative #SPARKSOMEFUN marketing campaign. The 2014 Sea-Doo Spark marketing campaign garnered awards like the AAF 4th District ADDY1, the Neptune Award2 and was a finalist for the Effie Awards3, all of which recognize marketing excellence.

“Last year, the Sea-Doo watercraft video created with Devin Super Tramp generated over 1.3 million views. Devin reinvented action videography for a new generation. Similarly, BRP has re-sparked the watercraft industry by bringing new people into the sport with the Sea-Doo Spark,” stated Julie Tourville, global marketing director, Sea-Doo watercraft. “This new video showcases how easily anyone can SPARK SOME FUN with their own Sea-Doo watercraft and become part of the Sea-Doo family.”

The Sea-Doo Spark watercraft features a nimble, compact design that offers a refreshing way to enjoy a day on the water. As the most affordable watercraft on the market, the Sea-Doo Spark model is allowing a new generation of owners to realize their dreams of owning a Sea-Doo watercraft.