IJSBA has received the following news from Bomboard regarding the sales brochure they will circulate at the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  Bombard is kind of a new product that pays homage to many elements of existing IJSBA homologated watercraft.

Each year, we like to allocate part of the World Finals trade show to try and bring you some of the newest and coolest innovations in the sport.  We applaud all persons who try to bring something new to the sport of Personal Watercraft.  . This year, our spotlight is on  the BomBoard, the first high performance watercraft that can be separated in modules and fit in the back of a compact car. John West, Founder and CEO of BomBoard LLC said “We look forward to introducing our pre-production prototype at the IJSBA World Finals. Visitors will be able to assemble and disassemble the BomBoard, try out the three different riding positions and sign up on our already substantial waiting list”. We have included a their latest promotional brochure. The BomBoard will also be displayed on the water and in the popular Night Time Freestyle Show under the London Bridge.

You can download their brochure here: [pdf]

Also, check out their video: