In a letter to the United States Coast Guard, the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) responded to the false allegations put forth by the San Francisco-based special interest group Bluewater Network.

The Bluewater Network letter was based on half-truths and blatantly mischaracterized scientific evidence which actually shows that personal watercraft (PWC) do not harm the environment.

“Bluewater is trying to get the federal government to do its bidding by intentionally misleading them, and it isn’t going to work,” said Stephan Andranian, attorney for the IJSBA.

In the Bluewater letter, the group cited studies which had either been discredited by the municipalities conducting them or actually supported PWC use. The findings of these studies were withheld by Bluewater in their letter.

In order to let the Coast Guard know what the studies actually said, the IJSBA letter offered to supply the agency with the complete studies and pointed out the omissions.

“PWC racing is safe and does not negatively impact the environment. Bluewater has been trying for years to prove that it isn’t and have come up empty handed. Now, they are resorting to threats of lawsuits, which is despicable,” concluded Andranian.

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