In what is possibly the most exciting news to hit the PWC Racing industry this year, IJSBA Hall of Famer, Blake Corning, is returning as an IJSBA Sanctioned Closed Course event promoter.  Many of you did not know Blake was a former promoter.  Even more are surprised to learn that Blake was once a competitor himself.  Did you know that Blake Corning also used to be a Race Director at World Finals (seriously, Blake, youre getting back on the tower for part of 2016)?  Blake's passion and dedication to PWC Racing is a welcome addition to the 2016 competition season.

Here is the official information from Water X:

Dates :
Friday April 15th – set up / practice and racer arrival day
Saturday April 16th – Race day all day
Sunday April 17th – Race day and awards ceremony followed by tear down and clean up.
Location – Vance Creek Park, Elma Washington, USA


Ski Class riders are expected to come in high numbers.  There will also be classes for Sport and Runabout competitors.  Aerial Watercraft are expected as well.  Here is Blake's tentative site plan:


IJSBA is supporting Blake's Water X with some special incentives.  But you don't need them.  Blake is awesome, PWC racing is awesome, and IJSBA is certainly very awesome so you don't want to miss this race because it is going to be some kind of triple awesome event!

Stay tuned to IJSBA for more information.  But, in the mean time, start training now and getting your PWC ready because April is just right around the corner!