We are pleased to share the  following from the IJSBA Affiliate in Belgium:



This year the BJBF organizes 4 closed course and 3 endurance races.

We found some new locations that will host us, so we are very excited to start our season.

Belgium is a very central location so we have pilots from France, The Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom who attend our races.

Lots of competition for our competitors!

This year we worked out a deal for the pilots who attend all BJBF races or attend our European Championship in Poland.

They can ship their jetski to the IJSBA worldfinals in Lake Havasu for a really good price!

We all want our pilots to attend this great event.


Dates of Closed Course Events:

1 may 2016  MONS Grand large

12 June 2016 LIEGE / LUIK

3 July 2016 NAMUR/NAMEN

28 August 2016 O2R jet club


Dates of Endurance Events:

15 May 2016  O2R Jet club

26 June 2016 DNANT

11 Sept 2016 MONS Grand Large