Old School Kawasaki 750SX,

Stand-up\ Jetski\ (1992)

Did you know that we still ride our 1992 Kawasaki 750 sx? It was bought from Jim from Castaic Ski & Sports,\ Southern California USA\ back\ \ in 1992, it was a huge jump from riding a Kawasaki 550 sx. We have our beloved 750 sx for over 21 years now and it is still\ a blast\ to ride it .

Jettribe helmet collar tested

Lately Jettribe has surprised the personal watercraft riders and enthusiasts with its unique and innovative products. One of its latest products is the illustrated helmet collar. According to Jettribe this particular accessory limits side and snap back motion during a fall from a personal watercraft while wearing a helmet. It is equipped with an elastic front and rear Velcro system that allows greater flexibility. The rider who uses a Jettribe RS-16 race vest can easily connect it directly on to it. The particular collar fits nicely around the neck, it is extremely lightweight and it does not minimize the neck movement at any direction. Possibly a stand up rider might have less mobility on its neck only when he/she leans too much and his/her body (and his/her neck) is in an extreme angle. But his happens only in the holeshot buoy or the first couple of buoys on a racecourse and it depends on rider’s riding style. When you wear it you do not feel it exists round your neck. Stand ups and Runabouts are very fast nowadays so give your self a brake and protect properly your neck. Wear Jettribe’s helmet collar even when you practice.