You may know of legislation in New Hampshire which would have implemented a 45 mph speed limit on Lake Winnipesauke. Last week, anti-boating forces convinced a committee in the state legislature to amend House Bill 162 (HB162to apply to all of the Granite State’s public waterways, including offshore waters.

You already know speed is not a common factor in boating accidents, rather operator error is. In fact, boating accidents have declined by two-thirds in the last 4 years alone in New Hampshire.

What’s at stake? Racing, and the Freedom to Ride in the manner you choose given the water conditions. You already know right from wrong and such one size fits all proposals will do nothing to further boating safety.

We don’t need law enforcement pulled off other important and proven safety enforcement, such as BUI, and reckless operation.

We don’t need speed traps set up all over New Hampshire’s public waters.

Take Action Now:  The vote in the state house is scheduled for next Wednesday, January 18th.  Go to  and click on to “Grassroots Activism.” Then “Oppose New Hampshire Speed Limits.” Fill out the required fields and the pre-written comments will be sent to your state Senator and House member.

Some New Hampshire Elected Officials lack e-mail.  If so, make sure you call them.

Next, tell every rider/boater/family member/buddy you know in New Hampshire to do the same. If we stop HB162, we send a clear message to the anti-boating groups to back off.

Stand with the AWA in our defense of riding the way you choose.

Keep an eye out on the AWA website for updates on this, and other Freedom to Ride issues.

Chris Manthos
Executive Director
American Watercraft Association