Aquacopters is the producer of the official aerial drone of the International Jet Sports Boating Association.  IJSBA uses their waterproof quadcopter line to capture the very best footage possible, over the water, while not risking damage to the video equipment.

Aquacopters, as the leading producer of aerial drones, just got even bigger…… by getting smaller.  They have just sent us their new press release regarding their new product, the ready-to-fly Bullfrog Mini.  Here is the official press release here:




Mini Bullfrog (RTF)-Limited Quantities

Introducing our NEW Mini Bullfrog! This is for those that want or need a compact and portable unit that can travel anywhere with limited space. Currently it measures 10" square and weighs only 580g ready to fly including GPS, props, camera, video trans., and antenna (no battery). We currently have this setup with the new Pixfalcon flight controller (scaled down version of the 3DR Pixhawk) which has all the functionality including follow me and unlimited waypoints. And of course... it is very durable and WATERPROOF!!!


Specs and Features

  • 10"x10" outside dimension (approx. 300mm motor to motor)
  • Spin-on/spin-off 6" props
  • 3S-1500mAh battery allows 10 minutes of flying w/FPV equipment. Larger batteries up to 2700mAh will be a tight fit.
  • Runs off of Mission Planner, APM planner, and Tower (mobile app) with telemetry unit (included)
  • Switch between "follow" modes, waypoints, and pilot control with a flip of a switch
  • Optional waterproof FPV installation available
  • Sold with and without transmitter and FPV gear (select options before checkout)
  • Comes pre-tuned and tested
  • Includes charger, batteries, and props


CLICK HERE to see the Mini Bullfrog's maiden flight


We are looking to sell only about 10-20 systems this first round to get feedback and/or improvements. If you are looking for a holiday gift, please do not hesitate and order immediately. Since these are not in full production we anticipate about a 2-3 week delay as we only have a couple on hand. If you have any further questions please let us know.


The Aquacopter Team (408) 508-4828