Aquacopter is the official aerial product of the IJSBA.  The aquacopter is the drone IJSBA uses to capture aerial video for live streaming and for use in the DVD and other video productions.  Below is a press release of Aquacopter’s latest product:

September 25, 2014

San Francisco Bay Area, CA.- Aquacopters has developed a 550mm drone dubbed “THE BULLFROG” that will fly for 30 minutes, have the capability of waterproof first-person-view, and several other very useful functions. Another strong advantage of this design is the increased payload capacity of over 3 pounds to carry additional cameras, extra batteries, lighting, safety equipment; the options are nearly endless. These developments are a direct result from the requests of many customers from the thousands of units that have been sold World-wide.

With support for additional options such as a ground station for programming flight patterns, remotely operated high powered LED floodlight/spotlight, external power switch, and retractable landing gear, the Bullfrog is a masterful innovation in waterproof aerial platforms.

Aquacopter offers The Bullfrog as a complete ready-to-fly (RTF) unit. The soft release has taken place, but look for complete details and pricing to be announced on the company’s Facebook page or their website in October to early November.

About the Company

In 2012, Aquacopters set out to design and manufacture the world’s first fully sealed and waterproof quadcopter. In October 2012, the “Project X” frame was born and was an instant success.  The idea of having the safety net of being waterproof has opened up an enormous opportunity to those that do not feel comfortable flying over water with a conventional multi-rotor unit.

Aquacopters customers range from hobbyists, production companies, commercial fisherman, public safety departments, aerial photographers, agricultural, wildlife management, Universities, scientific study organizations… the list goes on and on.

For more information:

Phone-(408) 508-4UAV