Amy Green shall serve as the Rider Representative on the IJSBA Board of directors for the 2006-2007 season.  Amy Green was selected to replace the outgoing Scott Frazier who resigned the position to become the IJSBA Managing Director.  Amy served diligently as the replacement director spending numerous hours drafting policy and communicating rider concerns to the IJSBA Board of Directors.  Amy was especially diligent in the matters of safety and fairness.

The IJSBA opened nominations to start the election process on July 5, 2006.  The nomination process was set to close on July 15, 2006.  As no person signed up to oppose Ms. Green, the nomination process was left open until today to encourage every possible interested person to run for the position.  After receiving emails which supported the service of Amy Green, the IJSBA has not closed the election process.  With no other candidates, Amy is automatically elected as the Rider Representative.

Amy Green is a multi-time IJSBA Champion winning National and World titles.  She has competed for several years in the Womens’ Runabout classes and other Runabout classes.  She is a well respected competitor and has been a role model for Personal Watercraft Racing.  Amy also assists young female competitors in the sport of Soap Box Derby racing.  Amy is a Southern California Resident and can be reached at  The IJSBA appreciates the time and effort Amy Green puts into the sport on behalf of the racer community.