Back from a five year hiatus, Fast Times Films announces the return of All My Crazy Friends, with All My Crazy Friends 3 – “Live Fast, Die Fat”.  The third offering in the series has already begun principal cinematography and is expected to release by Halloween 2006.

All My Crazy Friends 3 - “Live Fast, Die Fat” promises to remain true to form, but just like its predecessors, it will push the limits and define the times.  Big action scenes, funny skits, and beautiful cinematography are just a few of the things thrown into the mix that will make AMCF 3 not only a world-class action sports film, but the best watercraft video to date. It will move the soul of the hardcore, and will bring a new action sports movement to the mainstream.

With planned locations in Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, Bali, Mexico, Australia, Florida, New Jersey, Oregon, Alaska, Northern and Southern California, and Arizona, AMCF 3 will not disappoint and will bring together a colorful crew of Crazy Friends from all over the world!

All My Crazy Friends original creators Eric Donaldson, Lonnie Peralta and Joel Liska team up for the first time since 2000, and bring newbie Laurel Kellam aboard to lend a new twist to the mix! Also teaming up to shoot footage for AMCF 3 is Trent Griswold (3rd Gear Pinned and 10 inch Resistance).

Keeping it hot! The first two All My Crazy Friends films have received accolades from both inside and outside the industry.  Both films have won awards at the Gravity Games Film Festival, as well as nods at several others and All My Crazy Friends 2…A Few More Nuts was even nominated for Best Action Sports Film in 2001. With AMCF 3, we plan to step it up another notch and bring it to a new level of action sports filmmaking.

With new tricks, bigger stunts, a sick soundtrack and a box full of loose screws, AMCF 3 promises to reclaim the right to stand on top of all other action sports films.  The X-Games awaits and the Gravity Games will be calling when All My Crazy Friends 3 “Live Fast, Die Fat”  showcases and gives props to some of the biggest names in action sports as well as the sickest of the new comers.

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