The International Jet Sports Boating Association is announcing the annual elections for the Affiliate Member positions on the IJSBA Board of Directors.  Each affiliate may nominate themselves, or any affiliate as a candidate for a position as director.  If that nominated member accepts and is eligible and in good standing with the IJSBA then that person shall be entitled to be voted upon by the body of affiliate members.  Those three members who receive the highest plurality of votes shall be elected as Directors.  Should there be tying numbers that preclude the filling of all three Director positions then there shall be a second election where just those tying members shall be voted upon by the body of affiliate members.

Affiliates may immediately begin sending in their nominations to the IJSBA managing director.  The nomination must state the Affiliate and the individual person being nominated.  Any Affiliate officer may be nominated.  In a case where there are promoters or clubs under than under the Affiliate then the promoter or highest ranking officer of the club may be eligible for nomination subject to the approval of the IJSBA.  Affiliates should inquire whether the nominated party is in good standing or is otherwise eligible.

Those persons who are nominated and accept such nomination should familiarize themselves with the roles and responsibilities of a director.  Of particular importance is the understanding of the fiduciary duties owed to the IJSBA from a director.  It is also beneficial to become acquainted with Roberts Rules of Order.

Nominations must be received by the IJSBA by June 10, 2006.  The Managing Director shall prepare the final list of eligible candidates by June 13 and shall, immediately upon publication to the Affiliates, begin accepting votes from Affiliates.  Each Affiliate may vote for up to three candidates.  Votes may not be retracted once cast.  Voting shall end on June 20, 2006 or when all eligible votes have been cast.

Affiliates should use this email for correspondence:  Affiliates may also communicate their action by fax or postal mail.

Scott Frazier
IJSBA Managing Director

330 Purissima Street
Suite C
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Telephone: (714)-751-8695
Fax: (714)-751-8609