IJSBA Freestyle is kicking off big in both the USA and Europe.  Iceman puts on a Freestyle tour like no other!


Freestyle Personal Watercraft Association (FPWCA) is happy to announce that IJSBA sanctioned event 

Round 1 of 2017 P1 Racing Fuels U.S. Freestyle Championship will take place in So'Fun Village (Villeneuve La Guyard),

France on Saturday 20th of May 2017.


This is a 6th season of the freestyle only tour in Europe. For 2017 organizers decided to introduce new class that should 

bring new people in to our sport. Beginner Freestyle Open is the class that was very successful last year in the USA.

Competitors can compete on OEM or aftermarket hulls only limitations are:

no previous EFC podium finishes, no World Finals participation. 


2017 competition classes are:

Freestyle Beginner Open

Freestyle 800

Freestyle 900

Freestyle 1200

Best Trick Freestyle Beginner Open

Best Trick Freestyle 800

Best Trick Freestyle 900

Best Trick Freestyle 1200


Competitors should register for the competition via official website: www.PWCFREESTYLE.eu


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