Monday, October 5th Water Schedule 2015 quakeysense IJSBA World Finals


11:00 Course Demonstration

Time Reserve

12:00 Practice A 1 Novice Ski Stock A - N

Practice B 2 Novice Ski Stock O-Z

Practice A 3 Novice Runabout Stock A - N

Practice B 4 Novice Runabout Stock O - Z

Practice 5 Novice Runabout Limited

Practice 6 Am Veteran Ski Limited

Practice 7 Expert Ski Limited

Practice A 8 Amateur Ski Lites A-N

Practice B 9 Amateur Ski Lites O-Z

Practice 10 Expert Runabout Limited

Practice 11 Classic Ski Two-Stroke Limited

Practice 12 Novice Women's Ski LTD

Practice A 13 Amateur Runabout Stock A-N

Practice B 14 Amateur Runabout Stock O-Z

Practice 15 Novice Ski Limited

Practice 16 Amateur Runabout 800 Limited

Practice 17 Amateur Runabout 1000 Superstock

Practice 18 Runabout Classic Stock

Practice A 19 Masters Ski Stock A-N

Practice B 20 Masters Ski Stock O-Z

Practice A 21 Sport Spec A-N

Practice B 22 Sport Spec O-Z

Practice 23 Expert Veteran Runabout

Practice 24 Amateur Veteran Ski Open

Practice 25 Runabout Classic Open

Practice A 26 Masters Ski Open

Practice B 27 Masters Ski Open

Practice 28 Last Chance Runabout

Practice 29 Last Chance Ski

Sunrise Sunset

6:33 AM 6:17 PM

Practices will be adjusted according to final registration numbers.