The fourth annual “Lee Manvell Memorial” is being held, in cooperation with the IJSBA, on Sunday October 11, 2015. The memorial is an award to the holeshot winner during 3 Pro Ski races and 2 Pro Runabout races. Each holeshot winner will receive $100.


The Lee Manvell Memorial Holeshot Races honors my husband who was an active member of the jetski community for many years. I am excited to have a memorial race at World Finals to remember & honor Lee and his passion and dedication to this sport.  It also is very important to me to serve as a nice way for our daughter Ryan to know and learn about what her Dad was a part of for most of his life. Each year Ryan gets even more excited to give awards to the winners of her Daddy’s races. She also seems to be taking a lot after her Dad and his love of jet skiis.



Shawn Manvell, 714.943.7146 thespeechwizard@gmail.com

Scott Frazier, scott@ijsba.com

Holeshot Race Winners 2014:

1st Race- James Bushel (UK) 2nd Race- Almur Bin Huraiz (Dubai) 3rd Race- Mike Klipenstein (US) 4th Race- Hajime Isahai (Japan) 5th Race- Jeremy Poret (France)