East Coast Watercross would like to send good luck wishes to all competitors attending the 2023 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals.  IJSBA has tried to do away with the numbered region system and use geographical descriptions to depict the regional territories.  But, for nostalgia's sake, and for the fact that this group of die hard competitors from the upper eastern part of the USA just dont want to give up their 8 ball, we decided to keep it in play for this post. IJSBA sends a very special thank you to Chris Yates and Julie Breen for all they have done to make this region the competitive stronghold that it is.  These are two of the greatest people who have ever graced the sport and we wish them well in their retirement and future focus on their passion for animal rescue.  While we are excited to work with their successors, their hard work, guidance and support will be deeply missed.  Below are the official list of racers and attendees coming from "Region 8" to this year's World Finals.



Teri Burke

Warren Burke

Jayden Stringer

Colby Stringer 

Andrew Freeman 

Kayla Pliszka 

Mike Bein

Derrick Rubleski

Karl Hauch

Rich Alborn

Tully Zipkin

Susan Zipkin

Sebastian Wilcox

James Hager

Corey Dixon 

Noah Dali

Nathan Dali

Dave Davidson

Parker Scholand 

Rick Sherker



Pete Burke

Carolynn Burke 

Chris Stringer 

Brad Nickerson 

Avery Nickerson 

Rider Downey

Doug Wintle

Kelly Wilcox 

Dwayne Craven

Kristen Sherker

Shawn Dudek