IJSBA is pleased to announce the opening of VIP and combined pit opportunities for the 2023 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals.  As with all years, IJSBA is enacting policies, procedures, and opportunities intending to make the World Finals pit environment more efficient, more fair, and, hopefully, more enjoyable.  These policies have reduced traffic, made pitting much easier, and have provided benefits to those attending World Finals and seeking an enhanced team experience. There is no requirement to procure VIP pits- there will be plenty of pit space for everyone.  However, if you are looking for special pit placement and privileges, please read on.

  1. Combined Pit Placement: Teams, of five persons or more, who are sharing a single pit space, shall be eligible for reserved and early placement without any need for a VIP package. Those persons shall agree that only one parking pass will allow a trailer to be brought in and the other parking passes of that group will be for car parking only and in the upper parking lot.  Those confirmed groups, who have all participating competitors completely preregistered, shall be allowed early placement into a reserved spot.
  2. Combined Smaller Pit Placement: Smaller reserved section for groups of two or morel
  3. VIP Option 1: Early pit entry, early check in, reserved trailer parking, early placement for 10x20 tent or rent a commercial tent.
  4. VIP Option 2: 10x20 tent space on VIP beach (no other privileges).

Please email info@ijsba.com if you have interest in any of these options.