IJSBA is pleased to report that the Coast Guard Permit for the 2023 Short Block Technologies WGP-1 World Finals was issued today. The event is all systems go with rider entries increasing every day and the largest vendor turnout scheduled since pre-pandemic years. This bulliten will go over a couple of items that we will be focusing on to comply with the lake stewardship expected of our organization the past 42 years. Please share this information with your friends and colleagues in the sport.

There will be a large focus on mitigating conduct outside of the race perimeter. We are, again, given instructions to mitigate contact with waterfowl at the race site. We are asking the community to pay special attention to these mitigation efforts and to make them your priority as they are our priority. Each year, IJSBA posts a Code of Conduct for World Finals. The Code of Conduct is, more or less, the same language every year. Some years many of you seem to pay more attention to it than other years. This year seems to be one of those attentive years. Whatever gets people talking about World Finals- we'll take it. In this case please note that IJSBA has mandates to prevent illegal conduct outside of the perimeter of the race site. This is not a new mandate, IJSBA has been called on many times to take action when PWC operators, appearing to be associated with the World Finals, were engaging in inappropriate conduct on other parts of the waterways. We have also been called on to mitigate incidents on the lands where inappropriate conduct was purported to come from a participant of World Finals. We need to try to take these down to a zero occurrence.

Focus will start on the area adjacent to the race course where the site abuts the channel heading towards the London Bridge. There are several buoys in the area to mark off the entrance to channel and to signify the maximum speed is 5 Miles Per Hour With No Wake!! These are not buoys to use to practice your turns as a warm up for the race. If you decide to do this, the penalty is severe including mandatory $500 fining. When you leave the race course while on your watercraft, you are subject the laws of the government agencies overseeing the lake. This is not just at the Crazy Horse site but all over the lake. We will send out this message more than once. We really hope that we can work together and try to have a zero incident year.

Special focus is also placed on respecting the fact that many types of waterfowl call Lake Havasu their home. We cant imagine these little birdies arent PWC Racing fans- I mean, who wouldn't be? None-the-less, we need to make sure that the Great Blue Heron and Cinnamon Teal Ducks watch from afar. These creatures need to remain spectators and not join the action around course buoys as we have no racing category for birds. If the waterfowl go around the channel buoys, we will make every attempt to fine them but, ultimately, they are probably outside of our contractual jurisdiction.

More information regarding our permitting conditions will be presented during the World Finals check in and during the riders briefings. If you have questions or comments regarding this message, please email info@ijsba.com.