IJSBA has received confirmation that there will be a promoter change for the 2023 installment of the very popular Mark Hahn 300 Memorial race.  If all goes as planned this will be the 19th.  Please read this important information so we can keep this very special event going to the 20th anniversary and beyond.  This bulliten below indicates that there will be a change in promoters but most of you likely will not notice this.  Mike Follmer has put his passion and energy into this event since its inception and Ross Wallach has consistently been the race directory as long as most of us can remember.  The show will go on and will be as excellent as always.  Now, some action is going to be required by all of you to make sure that show goes on.  Please read the message from them below:

Mark Hahn Memorial 2023

Mark Hahn Memorial race teams, DSM Events, the promoter of the MH300 for the past 18 years has asked me to take over as promoter of the 19th Annual MH300 in 2023 and beyond. Both Mike Follmer & I would like very much to see continue as this event, as this event is especially near and dear to our hearts, but we need to get a firm commitment from the racers as waning attendance and rising costs to promote the longest PWC endurance race in the Country has taken its toll.

After reviewing all the information from Jim at DSM it would appear that we would need a minimum of 40 committed (paid) entries no later than January 20th to conduct the race.

Last, the event itself most likely will move from Crazy Horse to a new location in Havasu but that is currently being worked out.


If you're in, please contact me at your earliest convenience and based on the responses over the next two weeks, I will get Dawn to put together an online registration form to make registration easy.


Thank you for your understanding and support as I just received this information.


Ross Wallach, President


(310) 318-4012