IJSBA is very pleased to announce that the last permit has been finalized and issued for the 2021 Jettrim WGP-1 World Finals. The event is all set to go. As is the case with all years, the World Finals permit sets forth several affirmative duties for IJSBA and all IJSBA participants. Please see the following rules that must be observed at all times:

With the exception of Item 5, all fines are mandated to be enforced and documented as a condition of IJSBA to hold the event.

  1. No Person May Fuel A Watercraft Over Or Near The Water. There is absolutely no fueling of any watercraft over the water. All watercraft must be pulled up a minimum of 15 feet from the water's edge before any fueling. Fueling includes gasoline, oil, coolant, or any solvent or lubricant being added to the watercraft. Minimum Fine: $150.
  2. No Road Traveling Trailers May Be Parked Over The Water. If you have a trailer that travels over public roads, or is the type that could travel over public roads, then this trailer cannot be parked over the water. Trailers of this sort may only be submerged or over the water during active launching or retrieval. This rule will apply to any trailer besides basic totes. Minimum Fine: $150.
  3. No Vehicles Of Any Sort May Be Parked Over The Water. Do not let your truck, car, atv, utv. or anything be parked over the water. Any motorized vehicle of any type may only be submerged or over the water during active launching or retrieval. Minimum Fine: $150.
  4. No Watercraft May Use Perimeter Buoys, Channel Marker Buoys, or 5MPH/No Wake Buoys as practice buoys. Using any buoy other than an IJSBA buoy as a practice buoy is strictly prohibited. If any participant ventures outside of the permitted perimeter then that person is subject to all applicable navigational laws. IJSBA is required to keep strong controls on entry into the channel between Crazy Horse and Windsor Beach. Minimum Fine: $250; Repeat Offenders Will Face Mandatory Expulsion.
  5. No Participant May Navigate The Course Except During Racing Or Official Practice. Minimum Fine: $150.