Happy 2020.  It is that time of the year where we put out the potential changes to the IJSBA Competition Rule Book.  You, the racing public, sent us a pretty long list to work through.  The last two weeks were spent making the rounds on the phone to clarify and evaluate the suggestions so a list of recommendations can be sent to the Board of Directors. As usual, we are way behind on the goal of getting this done early.  We are going to have this ratified by February 7.  So, please read below and, if you have not already commented, please do so today.  The list reflects the requests we received.  A reccomendation will be made public by the IJSBA Managing Director within 7 days and then that recommendation will be sent to the board where a discussion and vote will take place.  


  1.  Formally codify a 600cc or 650cc displacement for Vintage Ski.  Competitors have been frequently requesting that IJSBA formally ratify a displacement increase for the Vintage Ski Class to allow for replacement pistons and performance benefits.  This item has been well advocated for over the last couple of months.
  2. More strict standards for the tow loop requirement.  IJSBA Course Marshals have been reporting to management that some of you are protecting your $75,000 GP Runabout watercraft with a 75 cent shoelace being used as a tow loop.  
  3.  Allow aftermarket water routing methods in Stock Classes.  IJSBA previously allowed aftermarket water routing in all Stock (and Lites) classes.  Apparently, many of you want to go back to this.  We did have a couple of disqualifications at World Finals regarding water routing not maintaining the OEM pattern.  An allowance for rerouting of cooling lines does not necessarily mean there will be an allowance for more volume or fittings.
  4.  Allow adustable cam timing gears in Stock Classes.  Previous IJSBA rulings have indicated that camshaft timing may be changed.  This proposed rule would allow for the addition of an aftermarket timing gear to make camshaft clocking a more simplified process.
  5.  Allow unrestricted aftermarket fuel tanks in Sport GP and Sport Spec.  Currently, all aftermarket fuel tanks must be tested and approved by IJSBA.
  6.  Change Sport GP top deck allowances to mirror Ski Modified/GP.  This change would allow upper decks to resemble the traditional look of a Sport type of watercraft.  Notice, that the passage of this provision would require all aftermarket hull and top deck builders to conform to IJSBA's rules for minumum production and oversite.
  7.  Allow Stock Class SX-R 1500 to bore exit nozzle and/or venture steering nozzle.  If passed, this change would apply to all SX-R or where an otherwise Stock Class SX-R was combined with other categories of Ski (i.e. Women's Ski).
  8.  Allow the removal of OEM Mirrors in Runabout Stock Classes including 1100 and Rec Lites.  Mirrors may be removed in all other categories of racing.  This provision was previously included in Stock Classes but was removed.
  9.   Change Rec Lites to allow only plastic type hulls.  This change would essentially have Rec Lites become Sea-Doo Spark only and delegate all Yamaha EX to the Runabout 1100 Stock Class.
  10.   Allow all 1100 Open/GP Runabout PWC to utilize aftermarket hulls.  Currently, only Sea-Doo Spark and Yamaha EX are allowed aftermarket hulls.  This change would allow larger PWC, equipped with engines 1100cc displacement and smaller to use larger sized hulls and topdecks of lower weights.
  11.   Extend sponson length on Kawasaki SX-R 1500 to 40 inches from 36 inches.  If passed, longer length sponsons would be permitted.
  12.   Change Women's Class to allow GP/Modified Ski or Mod Lites Ski.  If passed this would only apply to Women's Ski not Women's Ski Lites.
  13.   Require a mandatory 9000 RPM Rev Limiter in Runabout Stock Classes.  This provision would add a mandatory Rev Limiter to all Stock Class Runabout categories.
  14.   Reduce the amount of Runabout allowed on a starting line in Runabout Classes without exception.  In many cases, exceptions may be made for the maximum amount when the track is sufficiently sized (i.e. World Finals, Kings Cup, etc.).  This change would mean no discretion and would set a mamximum size in the range of 10-14 evenly divided over each lane.
  15.   Allow communication devices between rider and shore for Endurance Racing.  Currently, riders may not communicate from their PWC during competition.  This change would allow conversation between rider and the shore during active racing.
  16.   Allow aftermarket trim tabs in Rec Lites.  This provision, if passed, is intended to allow the 2 passenger Sparks have the same amenities as the 3 passenger Spark.
  17.   Allow manual trim devices in Runabout Rec Lites and Stock Classes.  If passed, this provision would allow quick trim devices to replace the motorized trim system.
  18.   Specifically prohibit texture changes to Sea-Doo Spark watercraft in categories where aftermarket hulls are not allowed.  Currently, when a competitor repairs or cosmetically changes the surface of the OEM Spark hull, the rough texture does need to be maintained.  If passed, this provision would specifically require that the OEM texture of the hull is maintained.


Please send questions or comments to info@ijsba.com.