IJSBA announces the annual  series of meetings at the World Finals.  This post sets the tentative dates and times for  committee meetings, planning meetings, and the first meeting for aftermarket hull producers.  For any questions regarding these meetings, please email info@ijsba.com.


30 minutes after final moto: Public Rules Forum at grandstands (if dark, 45 minutes after final moto, at Location TBA).  All competitors and aftermarket members allowed.

8:00 PM: Aftermarket hulls builder meeting at Location TBA (Builders and representatives only)



1 hour after Freestyle Corral: Freestyle Rules Meeting OnSite. Freestyle competitors and invited members of the aftermarket community only).

7:30 PM: US Promoters Meeting, Location TBA

8:45 PM:  International Affiliates Meeting, Location TBA



Immediately following Amateur Freestlye: Joint Meeting of US Promoters Meeting.  VIP Area.



30 Minutes after the Blowsion Under The Bridge Show: Hall of Fame Committee Meeting

1 Hour after the Blowsion Under The Bridge Show: Bill O’Neal Celebration Of Life



11:00 AM Crazy Horse Boat House:  Future Venue Planning Committee