IJSBA has released a final finalized class list for the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals.  We appreciate those of you who provided insight and comments the last few days (though we wish you would have sooner) and the World Finals intends to reflect a series of core classes as well as elective classes which the community believes are important to offer to reflect the sport.

  Competitors are advised to closely read this guide as it reflects some changes in class definitions as well as some direction changes that are being made to consolidate a single premiere Ski Class and a single premiere Runabout Class.  The consolidations are made pursuant to be in harmony with the World Series system that has debuted for 2020.  Competitors should note that there were some language translation issues at the beginning of the World Series that caused a mismatch between the class names and rules associated with the class names.  This guide includes the classes that will be run at World Finals and then a chart to where these classes match up to the 2019 IJSBA World Series.


  Note:  World Series Pro Ski Grand Prix class used a consolidated rule set to merge Ski GP and Ski Modified, IJSBA will run this identical class at the 2019 World Finals as Pro Ski Grand Prix allowing aftermarket hulls, up to 97 inches (plus allowances for extended ride plates and nozzle length) with 1500cc Naturally Aspirated Displacement and 1100cc Forced Induction Displacement (up to 6 PSI max boos) or 950 cc (with 8 PSI max boost).

  Note: At the first round of the World Series, a mistranslation between languages caused Pro Am Ski Modified to be run using Ski Superstock rules.  As a result, IJSBA will run this class as Pro Am Ski Superstock at the World Finals.

  Note:  IJSBA announced that Ski Limited would be eliminating Ski Limited save for a classic 2 Stroke Ski Limited.  In 2018, Mod Lites was created as a replacement for Limited Class.  At the first round of the World Series, Expert Ski Limited was added to the program.  This class was added as a combination of Two Stroke Limited Ski and Stock 1500 SXR.  This same class will be run at the 2019 World Finals with the 1500 SXR allowed.  As such, the displacement allowance is lifted to 1500cc for a naturally aspirated four stroke only.  This is the same rule hybrid as Pro Am Womens’ Ski.


The following are the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals Classes.  The entry form will appear online within 24 hours from this posting.


Pro Classes

Pro Ski GP

Pro Runabout GP

Pro Freestyle  

Pro Am Classes

Pro Am Ski Superstock 

Pro Am Runabout Superstock

Pro Am Runabout Stock

Pro Am Runabout 1100 Open

Pro Am Ski Stock

Pro Am Womens’ Ski 

Pro Am Ski Lites

Pro Am Runabout Limited 

Pro Am Veterans Runabout Limited

Pro Am Endurance Runabout Open


Expert Classes

Expert Ski Superstock 

Expert Ski Stock 

Expert Ski Limited (Stock Class SX-R 1500cc allowed)

Expert Runabout Superstock 

Amateur Classes

Amateur Freestyle 

Amateur Ski GP 

Amateur Ski GP 2 Stroke

Amateur Ski Lites 

Amateur Ski Mod Lites  (Juniors over 14 may petition to participate).

Amateur Classic Ski 2 Stroke Limited

Amateur Veteran’s Ski Stock.

Amateur Veterans Ski GP  

Amateur Runabout 1100 Open

Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited

Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock

Amateur Runabout Rec Lites

Amateur Women’s Ski Lites 

Amateur Runabout Limited 

Amateur Veterans Ski Lites

Novice Classes

Novice Ski Stock  (no restrictor plate)

Novice Runabout Stock

Junior Classes

Junior Ski 10-12 Stock (2017 Kawasaki SX-R Allowed only with IJSBA approved restrictor plate)

Junior Ski 10-12 Lites (Stock Rules 2 Stroke Only)

Junior Ski 13-15 Stock (2017 Kawasaki SX-R Allowed only with IJSBA approved restrictor plate)

Junior Ski 13-15 Lites (Stock Rules 2 Stroke Only)


Other Classes Open To All Skill Level

Sport GP

Sport Spec

Blaster GP  (Previous Sport GP Podium Finishers Must Petition To Enter)

Master’s Ski GP  (2017 Kawasaki SX-R is Not Allowed In This Class.  No displacement above 1300cc.)

Master’s Ski Stock (2017 Kawasaki SX-R allowed to Stock Class specifications Only, Two Stroke Ski allowed to Limited Class specifications)

Vintage Ski (Two Moto’s- Combined Score for Overall)

Vintage X2 (Two Moto’s- Combined Score for Overall)

Women’s Runabout (Limited Class Rules For Two Stoke, Stock Rules For Four Stroke Plus Aftermarket Seat Allowance)

Women’s Runabout 1100 Stock

Runabout Naturally Aspirated (Stock Class Rules For Four Stroke, Limited Rules For Two Stroke)





Four Stroke Ski


The Following Classes Are The 2019 IJSBA World Series Classes and the corresponding class to register at the 2019 Thai Airways World Finals:


World Series Class                                                                               World Finals Class

Pro Ski Grand Prix                                                                                  Pro Ski Grand Prix

Pro Runabout GP                                                                                     Pro Runabout GP

Pro Freestyle                                                                                             Pro Freestyle

Pro Sport GP                                                                                              Sport GP

Pro Am Endurance Open                                                                      Pro Am Endurance Sprint

Pro Am Ski Stock                                                                                     Pro Am Ski Stock

Pro Am Ski Modified                                                                              Pro Am Ski Superstock

Pro Am Woman Ski Limited                                                                Pro Am Womens’ Ski

Pro Am Runabout Stock                                                                       Pro Am Runabout Stock

Expert Veterans Runabout Limited                                                 Pro Am Veterans Runabout Limited

Expert Ski Limited                                                                                  Expert Ski Limited

Novice Ski Stock                                                                                       Novice Ski Stock

Novice Runabout Stock                                                                         Novice Runabout Stock


The following classes must have 10 paid entries prior to October 1, 2019 or they will be cancelled:


Ski Mod Lites (unclassified division, Amateur is a guaranteed class)

Classic Ski 2 Stroke Limited

Blaster GP

Runabout Naturally Aspirated

Expert Runabout Superstock

Expert Ski Superstock

Four Stroke Ski Slalom

Expert Ski Superstock and Amateur Ski Superstock will be consolidated if there are not sufficient entries by October 1, 2019