IJSBA is releasing the finalized set of rule change considerations.  These are due to be finalized within 30 days and go into effect within 30 days of ratification by the IJSBA Board of Directors.  So, if you are not one of the many people who has been ringing up the phone line trying to head off a rule change or push one through, please review the list of changes to be contemplated.  These items are broken into two categories, the first category are actual changes and the second category is comprised of changes that take place by adjusting classes rather than rules.  None of the posted items are final.  Please note the considerations below and email questions or comments to info@ijsba.com


Potential Rule Changes

  1. Removing saddle type seats from Runabout Classes.  IJSBA will seek to aggressively restrict the size, shape, and function of aftermarket seats to prevent riders from being locked into place while competing.  This will mean a substantial change to many seats in the Runabout GP, Modified, and Superstock classes.  There is extremely high support for this change.
  2. Correct conflict of rulings for length of hull in Ski Mod/GP/Mod Lites.  In 2018, there were conflicting local rulings on the length for aftermarket hulls in classes where these hulls were allowed.  As a result, IJSBA issued a temporary ruling off 97 inches as maximum length for a hull and a maximum of 5 inches length that encompassed allowances for the ride plate and nozzle.  This change would make the overall length of 102 inches permanent while maintaining a maximum 97 inches for hull length.
  3. Restricting Sport GP classes to two stroke only.  This potential change is not well supported but enough comments have been sent in for this item to be considered for discussion.
  4. Restricting Runabout 1100 GP/Modified/Superstock categories to EX and Spark units only as well as previously homologated 800 based two stroke watercraft.  This is a potential change that has received very high support.
  5. Restrict repair and cosmetic improvements to Spark watercraft in Rec Lites and 1100 Stock classes to require that the texture of the OEM hull is maintained.
  6. Allow the Yamaha EX, but not the Yamaha EXR in Rec Lites classes.
  7. Allow aftermarket top decks in Sport GP to change width and length.  This is not a well supported change but IJSBA has received enough comments for this item to be considered for discussion.

Potential Class Changes/Additions

Changes listed below can occur independent of any rule change.  Additionally, all IJSBA Sanctioned Affiliates and Promoters may offer these categories at their own discretion

  1. Add Womens' Ski GP or change from an existing class at World Finals.
  2. Add Womens' Ski Mod Lites or change from an existing class at World Finals.
  3. Add Blaster GP to World Finals
  4. Add 1000 CC Classic Runabout Limited or Open to World Finals


Please do not hesitate to send your questions, comments, support, or opposition to these potential changes immediately.  The comment period will close on February 1.