IJSBA is pleased to announce the pending rule changes, to the 2018 IJSBA Competition Program.  IJSBA is grateful for the comments, contributions, and suggestions.  These rule changes will be mailed to the IJSBA Board of Directors for ratification with an expected result posted the first week of February.  It is highly suggested that competitors read this entire posting.

If you have yet to comment on these rules or if you wish to comment, please send it to info@ijsba.com immediately and these comments will be forwarded.


  1. Runabout Stock:  Aftermarket Valve Retainers to be allowed
  2. Runabout Limited: No Changes
  3. Runabout Open: To Be Replaced With Superstock and Runabout Open to be merged with Runabout Modified/GP
  4. Runabout Modified/GP:  No Changes



Runabout GP/Modified will continue to exist and shall be a class offered on Saturday at the 2018 IJSBA World Finals.  Sunday will offer Runabout Superstock which shall consist of a Limited Class Runabout with the following additional provisions:  aftermarket hood, aftermarket forced induction system.


  1. Ski Lites:  No Changes
  2. Ski Stock: No Changes
  3. Ski Limited:  No Changes.  Ski Limited will be kept as a class description in addendum.  However, in most cases, especially at World Finals, Ski Limited will be replaced with the newly created Mod Lites
  4. Ski Modified:  Ski Modified and Ski GP will be merged to create a class that services the existing Two Stroke three cylinder applications that are the core of the competition program.  Naturally Aspirated Four Stoke engines are limited to a displacement of 1100cc in this category.  Four Stroke engines with forced induction are limited to 900cc.  Forced induction engines, up to 1100cc, may be restored to this class if, and only if, a successful speed control device is developed which limits speeds to 65 MPH.  Turbocharged/Supercharged Ski Watercraft above 900 CC are not allowed at this time unless run and scored separately.
  5. Ski Superstock:  Ski Superstock is intended to be a class that services, primarily, the existing 2018-2019 Kawasaki SX-R.  Ski Superstock allows all provisions of Ski Stock plus the following additional provisions:  aftermarket camshafts, aftermarket valve systems, aftermarket hood, aftermarket ECU, aftermarket propulsion pump, aftermarket water routing.  



Ski Mod Lites will begin in 2018 as a pilot program intending to create a class that services the aftermarket industry and the competitors who wish to engage in aftermarket based performance while maintaining the costs and speeds traditionally associated with mid-level Ski performance.  Competitors may use aftermarket hulls in most circumstances.  Competitors may use two stroke or four stroke homologated engines.  This class is a developing class which is expected to evolve over the next coming years.  Mod Lites will, generally, replace Ski Limited.  Junior 13-15 Limited will change to Junior 13-15 Mod Lites immediately upon the ratification of Mod Lites rules.

1. At the outset of Mod Lites, all immediately eligible engine packages may be affixed to an aftermarket hull that was eligible for the 2017 Modified class.  By the end of 2018, hull manufacturers and hull owners must participate in the IJSBA Aftermarket Hull manufacturing and monitoring system.  This will require affixing IJSBA approved hull identification numbers and maintaining a chain of custody and history of the aftermarket hull.

2.  Competitors who choose to utilize a two stroke engine in Mod Lites may select from any OEM homologated engine that was offered by the original manufacturer of a homologated Ski Watercraft (Yamaha Superjet/Kawasaki 750/SXR).  These configurations will be entitled to all engine, hull, electronic, and propulsion privileges originally afforded to the Ski Limited classes.  IJSBA will begin testing a configuration of allowing a triple cylinder two stroke engine to be affixed to an OEM hull by means of a bed plate with Lites Rules applied to the additional modifications.  However, this is not an approved package at this time.

3.  Competitors who choose to utilize a four stroke engine in Mod Lites may select either a Sea-Doo 900 ACE engine or Yamaha TR1 1050 engine.  If a competitor chooses a Sea-Doo 900 ACE, the engine is restricted to Rec-Lites rules plus the allowance of an aftermarket camshaft and aftermarket valve system.  If a competitor chooses a Yamaha TR1 1050 engine, the competitor must adhere strictly to Rec-Lites provisions.  In either case, the competitor must use all OEM ECU and electronic systems from the original OEM engine package selected.  Aftermarket pump systems shall be allowed.  Competitors may use Hydrospace S4 watercraft to previous Stock Class specifications.


Any other suggested rule changes for 2018 failed to receive any adequate support to be included in the new competition program.

Please send any questions or comments, immediately, to info@ijsba.com.  

Notices for 2019

Runabout Competitors please note the following changes planned for 2019:


Stock:  No changes.  Speed control devices planned to limit this class to 65 MPH.

Limited:  This class is planned to change to Stock Class plus only the following provisions: aftermarket camshaft, aftermarket valve system, aftermarket supercharger impeller, aftermarket propulsion pump.  Note this is a removal of aftermarket seats and aftermarket ECU (OEM ECU reflashes still allowed).  Speed control devices are planned to limit this class to 70 MPH.

Superstock:  No changes.  Speed control devices planned to limit this class to 75 MPH.

GP/Modified: No changes.  This class will continue as currently existed so that ultra high performance Runabouts with aftermarket hulls and exotic power systems may continue to showcase the height of engineering and athleticism.