IJSBA is informing competitors, vendors, and industry personnel of important dates and times for non competition activities and meetings that are held during the 2018 Blowsion World Finals.  For questions relating to these meetings, please email info@ijsba.com.  


Thursday October 4

Freestyle Rules Meeting:  1 hour after Freestlye Corral in IJSBA VIP Tent (Competitors and Registered Industry Only)

US Promoters Meeting:  7:00 PM.  Location TBA

International Affiliates Meeting:  8:30 PM.  Location TBA


Friday October 5

Central American, South American, and Caribbean Planning Coffee and Pastry Breakfast, hosted by Momentum Medical Solutions: 8:30 AM.  IJSBA VIP Tent

Hall of Fame Committee Meeting:  9:00 PM.  Location TBA


Saturday October 6

Vendor and Sponsor Meeting Coffee and Pastry Breakfast: 8:30 AM.  IJSBA VIP Tent (Vendors and Sponsors Only)

2019 Rules Meeting.  One Hour After Completion of Under The Bridge Show (Tentative).  King Arthur Room, London Bridge Resort (Competitors, Affiliates, Registered Industry Personnel Only)

Sunday October 7

2019 Venue Layout Change Meeting; Four Years To 40 Planning Coffee and Pastry Breakfast: 8:30 AM.  IJSBA VIP Tent