For the third consecutive year, IJSBA is enacting policies, procedures, and opportunities intended to make the World Finals pit environment more efficient, more fair, and, hopefully, more enjoyable.  These policies have been highly effective and, as we anticipate creating an entirely new venue presentation, in 2018, the 2017 pit parking experience will be an exercise in further trying to create the best possible arrangement for competitors.

IJSBA generally arranges less than six VIP pitting arrangements each year.  VIP pit opportunities are a package that can include preferred location, complimentary tent, early entry, and other amenities as needed by single competitors or large teams.  Any person interested in a VIP pit package should email to receive a customized quote.  VIP pitting packages are not necessary for effective participation at the event.  There will be plenty of opportunities for all competitors to get space in the racer pits.

Teams, of five persons or more, who are sharing a single pit space, shall be eligible for reserved and early placement without any need for a VIP package. Those persons shall agree that only one parking pass will allow a trailer to be brought in and the other parking passes of that group will be for car parking only and in the upper parking lot.  Those confirmed groups, who have all participating competitors completely preregistered, shall be allowed early placement into a reserved spot.

IJSBA is also offering similar preplacement opportunities for groups of two competitors who only need a 10x10 sized popup tent and a stand single or double pull behind trailer (box trailers 10 feet in length or less will be considered).

If you have a group of this size willing to meet the terms outlined in this posting, and are going to be in Lake Havasu City on October 1st, then please email