IJSBA is pleased to announce that the 2017 Kawasaki SX-R has met the requirements for homologation.  As of today, the Kawasaki production facility in Lincoln Nebraska has built 800 complete units for retail sale.  The 2017 SX-R may be used at any IJSBA Sanctioned event in any category where the unit is eligible.

Please note that IJSBA has placed the following restrictions on the new SX-R

  1.  If the SX-R is used in Ski Mod classes, the watercraft may not utilize aftermarket hulls.
  2. If the SX-R is used in Ski Limited classes, the watercraft must adhere to Ski Stock rules.
  3. The SX-R may not be used in Junior Ski classes until IJSBA approved speed control measures are announced.

Any questions regarding this homologation update may be sent to info@ijsba.com