IJSBA has received news that the long awaited 2017 Kawasaki SX-R has started to arrive at dealerships.  321 Kawasaki, a longtime family owned dealership which has done more than its fair share of racing has been reported to be the very first recipient of the new 2017 Jet-Ski.  Dealerships, throughout the United States, including West Coast and East Coast locations.

IJSBA is awaiting the updated production numbers from Kawasaki in order to announce homologation of the unit.  Persons loading their trailers, with their shiny new SX-R, for the 2017 Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 should remain cautiously optimistic that the unit will be homologates prior to February 12.  We expect a press release in a couple of days but homologation is not guaranteed until all 500 units have been produced.

Questions regarding this release or general homologation questions should be sent to: info@ijsba.com