Another day is in the books.  Day 5 has concluded.  We are now hovering just above a count of 40 riders more than we had on this date at 2015.  The sport is grateful to all of you who have supported IJSBA Racing another year.  quakysense arrived, on site, today and was pleased to see very full pits and plenty of riders.

30 persons entered Amateur Ski Lites.  There were some runabout races today that made the crowd rise in anticipation of who would take the last minute checkered flags.  Did we mention there were some pretty full grandstands today?

We are certain to mention this again but one thing that is going on here is the most friendliest demeanor and best attitudes anyone in the industry can remember seeing at World Finals.  We are all grateful for the conduct of all the participants and their crew and we hope we are reciprocating as the people here to produce your world championship.

We are all about ready to go to bed, Kawasaki is releasing their new SX-R tomorrow at 8:00 AM.  We should have this live streamed.  Here are the winners from today:


Classic Ski 2 Stroke Limited

Anna Glennon


Amateur Runabout 1000 SS

Attapon Kunsa


Expert Ski Limited

Jesper Hermanse


Expert Runabout Limited

Marcus Jorgensen


Masters Ski Open

William Haig


Amateur Runabout Spec

Travis Zielasko


Amateur Ski Lites

Kole Cramer


Runabout Normally Aspirated Limited

Nawaf Al Farhan


Amateur Veterans Ski Limited

Gerry Wong