Gusty winds created a long day at the 2016 quakysense World Finals.

Before we go into this short recap, we would like to direct attention to many of our members and friends who are facing far worse weather conditions as intense hurricane conditions pound Florida and Caribbean areas.  Many IJSBA members live in Florida and many PWC legacy businesses are there.  While we feel inconvenienced that some wind factors caused delays in racing we should remain conscious that persons in our community are at risk of losing life and home.  Please keep our friends in your thoughts as this hurricane moves through and let us all be prepared to help where we can.

We were surprised with some heavy winds and choppy weather conditions on Thursday.  We had initially added laps and really make people work for their titles but we had to scale back to the original lap count.  Despite some very challenging conditions the racing went off well.  Competitors were tired but the athletic nature of winning racers showed by keeping strong speeds in these conditions.  Sadly, we had our first, and only, ambulance transport this week but are happy to say that no serious injuries have been reported.  We had to finish a couple of the classes this morning and that is why the results have not yet been posted.  We plan to have them up this afternoon.

The event paused, at 8:00 AM, for a very well received release of the new Kawasaki SX-R.  The Ski was the talk of the day with speculation and enthusiasm permeating the discussions about the growth that is sure to come in Ski Racing.

IJSBA held a short meeting with competitors regarding the eventual end of the Ski Limited classes.  The discussion was thoughtful and we were grateful for the input.  Ski Limited will remain, in 2017, and we will work together on the replacement classes.

In the evening, promoters and International Affiliates attended a round of cocktails meeting to calibrate plans going forward.  All in attendance plan to preserve classes, especially the "grass roots" type such as Sport, Ski Lites, and Vintage categories while making our focus on welcoming safe and affordable new units to the program.

Looking out the window while writing this recap, the trees and bushes seem to be swaying less so we hope this means a less windy day.  More later.