IJSBA is pleased to announce that registration for the 2016 quakysense World Finals will open on August 22. Persons who register early receive the lowest possible price per class.  Early registration runs until 11:59 PM on September 1, 2016.  Beginning September 2, all classes will be the regular price.  Pre-registration will continue from September 1 until 11:59 PM on September 27.  Beginning, at the start of September 28, only onsite registration will be available. Onsite registration carries a fee of $20.00 per class.

Online registration will be available at www.ijsba.com/wf.  Right now, general information is available on that page.

IJSBA would like to give you two very important reminders:

  1.  You must be eligible to enter World Finals.  In the USA, and the default requirement is that you must participate in two IJSBA Sanctioned Events, in 2016, to compete in the 2016 World Finals.  If you are racing closed course at least one of these events must be a closed course event.
  2. If IJSBA receives a registration without a valid payment, it is not a registration.  We just keep it in a folder and it might save you some time in the registration line but you will not be entered in the system and the price you pay for entry is based upon the day you submit a valid payment.  If you send an entry in on September 1, but don't pay until September 15, you will pay the September 15 rate.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:


Q:  Does IJSBA still accept faxed entries, I do not want to put my credit card online.

A:  Unfortunately, we do still accept faxed entries.  We switched to a VOIP system because AT&T was such an awful company to deal with- this has been great for everything except faxing... but seriously, who still faxes?? Your credit card is already online, anyway, but yes we will still take a fax this year.


Q:  What credit cards does IJSBA accept?

A:   Visa, MasterCard, and now we accept American Express


Q:  Does IJSBA Accept Checks?

A:  IJSBA will accept checks up to September 21.  IJSBA will no longer accept checks on site at all.


Q:  Why does IJSBA have a discounted entry fee period?

A:  This period, traditionally, is an extra incentive for committed competitors to save a couple of dollars as a reward for committing early.  This helps IJSBA set schedules and front load some paperwork.  We usually know from this period how classes are going to be and can get the schedule closer to being semi-finalized.  We also can plan for people who race multiple classes to have some time between each race.


Q:  Cant IJSBA extend the period for a discounted entry fee?

A:  No


Q:  I haven't yet competed at two sanctioned events, what do I do?

A:  Find a sanctioned event before October 1.  We will list last minute opportunities as they are confirmed to actually be happening.


Q:  Does IJSBA offer refunds, what if I enter early but cant make it, or, what if my PWC breaks before the heat?

A:  There are absolutely no refunds once you enter.


Q:  I am really good on a Jet-Ski, I just didn't know you had to race this year to be eligible to enter, can I enter even though I didn't race?

A:  No and if we discover you did not compete, you will be disqualified and removed from the event.  There are no exceptions to this policy.


Q:  I know you said, above, there are no exceptions to the eligibility requirements but, come on, I used to race "back in the day" and totally should be able to race.  I was big time on a 550.

A:  Thank you for your contributions to the early days of the sport.  We hope you will race with us next year.  Please visit some of your old racer colleagues in the Jettribe Vintage Ski Museum and encourage them to join you, or just have a beer with them and talk about old times.  Please buy the beer from our concessionaire and don't sneak in a cooler or anything like that.  Unfortunately, you need to race in the same calendar year as World Finals to be eligible.


Q:  I didn't race any IJSBA Sanctioned Events, I went to these little gatherings that weren't sanctioned but they totally copy your rule book and the organizers even kind of pass themselves off as IJSBA sometimes.  Surely these count towards World Finals eligibility?

A:  While IJSBA is truly flattered by the tribute events that pop up here and there, and, we understand that our rule book is used at these events- even though some of the sections are renumbered to make it look different- a real world championship comes from making your way through a season of organized, predictable, and professional racing managed by a system of standards that have a rich tradition of experience and many checks on the decisions making.  We hope you will join us next year for the real deal and compete in World Finals 2017.