IJSBA is breaking for lunch and Pro Freestyle and we wand to take a moment to give a big thank you to everyone involved in making this event a massive success.

400 competitors made our numbers count what we need them to be to show strong growth.  Thousands of  persons are roaming the trade show portion of the event with many booths having little standing room.  Meanwhile, stands remain full for the event.  Saturday night, several thousand people lined the shores under the London Bridge to watch the Blowsion Under the Bridge Show.  It was an electric experience.

Compliments are flowing from everywhere on the conduct, control, and professionalism of the IJSBA Staff.  The line and tower management are sending several people to let us know this is how they want to see the racing flow. Riders are making a point to tell us how well the course marshals are controlling the event and performing rescues.

Most of all, we received strong comments from large teams today letting us know they feel the staff was the best it has ever been.

On the IJSBA side of things, never have we seen such good attitudes, friendly demeanors, and cooperation from everyone at the event.  The synergy between racers and staff is creating the most memorable and fun World Finals than anyone can remember.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this wonderful 35th anniversary.  We hope quakysesnse and the rest of the sponsors are proud of what we accomplished.