Round 1 of IJSBA European Freestyle Championship took place in So'Fun Village in Paris area, France on Saturday May 14th, 2016.

European Freestyle Championship (EFC) separated freestyle from high speed racing on personal watercraft 5 years ago.  

EFC has 3 classes, Freestyle 800, Freestyle 900 and Freestyle 1200.  

All athletes perform a 2 minute routine and are judged by five different judges, each per one criteria: variety, difficulty, execution, flow and number of tricks.

21 riders from 8 different countries took part in French round of European Freestyle Championship.


Niels Willems / NED  - Winner of the BEST TRICK 1200

Jessi Wijdeven / NED  - Winner of the BEST TRICK 900

Davey Herridge / GBR  - Winner of the BEST TRICK 800



1st Jonathan Kavanagh / GBR

2nd Tim Verheij / NED

3rd Romain Stampers / FRA



1st Jessi Wijdeven / NED

2nd Josh Sanderson / GBR

3rd Chris Ames / GBR



1st Jules Emmanuel / FRA

2nd Paul Hewitt / GBR

3rd Davey Herridge / GBR


All results can be find on the official website: www.PWCFREESTYLE.eu


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