2015 People’s Choice Awards Finalists


Honoring the popular culture of IJSBA racing membership and supporters in the 2015 competition season. Online polling for select nominees was completed using social media postings on November 24th.


The ballots were tallied and the award recipients and their percentage rank of votes are as follows:


  • HARD LUCK AWARD OF THE YEAR Stian Schjetlein


  1. ‘Exhaust blew before Ski GP Qualifier, missed the race, engine blew before Pro Ski Moto 1, missed the moto. Back for Moto 2-3 with stock engine, and an exhaust leak during slalom.’ An avalanches of setbacks, and a determined fight to keep in the race makes Stian our Hard Luck Racer of the Year for 2015.


  1. 2015 People’s Choice Amateur Freestyler of the Year

Peter Waldron, USA



  1. 2015 People’s Choice Pro-Am Women Ski LTD racer of the year

Emma-Nellie Ortendahl – Sweden



  • 2015 People’s Choice Master Ski Open Racer of the Year41.89%


  1. Dave Davidson, Canada


  • 2015 People’s Choice Master Ski Stock Racer of the Year26.97%


  1. Gerry Wong, Canada


  • 2015 People’s Choice Junior Ski 13-15 LTD Racer of the Year31.25%


  1. Harry Robinson, UK


  • 2015 People’s Choice Pro Ski Racer of the Year21.34%


  1. Mike Wendricks, USA


  • 2015 People’s Choice Runabout Endurance Racer of the Year56.10%


  1. Mike Klippenstein, Canada


  • 2015 People’s Choice GP Runabout Racer of the Year40.0%


  1. Gyorgy Kasza, Hungary


  • 2015 People’s Choice Pro Freestyler of the Year36.0%


  1. Jace Forest, USA


  • 2015 People’s Choice Pro Runabout Racer of the Year36.36%


  1. Gyorgy Kasza, Hungary


  • 2015 People’s Choice Junior Ski 10-12 Lites Racer of the Year45.39%


  1. Abdulla Al Hammadi, UAE


  • 2015 People’s Choice GP Ski Racer of the Year25.81%


  1. Jeremy Poret, France


  • 2015 People’s Choice Women’s Runabout Racer of the Year37.50%


  1. Renee Hill, USA


  • 2015 People’s Choice Vintage Ski Racer of the Year40.0%


  1. Michael DeMauro, USA


  • 2015 People’s Choice Freerider of the Year61.54%


  1. Mark Gomez, USA


  • 2015 People’s Choice Vintage X2 Racer of the Year27.42%


  1. Jordan Jones, USA

The People’s Choice awards permit only for registered entrants to cast their ballot for each category in the poll. Ballots can be cast once and registrants can only vote once. The analytics and scoring is tabulated automatically using the questionnaire and the analytics are downloaded to a database on Xcel and PDF file formats.  The ballot was open for a period of 60 days and shared on various social media outlets with substantial reviews for participants and fans alike.  The awards are managed by The History of Jet Skis as an annual program in the spirit of sportsmanship and community preserving the history of the sport.