2015 Jettribe Invitational

Jettribe team riders have arrived home from a great weekend of racing at the 6th Annual Jettribe Invitational in QinZhou. The team experienced some intense rainstorms making for some interesting races. They even had to dredge out under their pit tents so they wouldn't flood. The rider's biggest challenge was the food, but it didn't stop them from having a great time at the race.

Jettribe was proud to have special guests Scott Frazier and Peter DeSmet attend this special invitational event. Scott even had the opportunity to get on the course and do some riding himself. We want to also say a huge thank you to the Austin Family, the Disney Family, Julian Adrian and James Bushell for giving our riders some awesome pit support. Your help was greatly appreciated.

James Bushell took 1st in the Open Runabout class and Brock Austin took 2nd in the Pro Open class. First time US Junior rider in China, Brent Disney, had quite the weekend. He would have taken a 3rd place win had it not been for some mechanical issues. He raced his heart out and proved what a champion of the sport he is becoming. Ashley Sponaugle, the first US female rider to race in China, had a great battle on the course with one of our Korean Team riders. Jeremey Schandelmeyer had some mechanical issues with his ski but had a great time racing and took 8th place. Congratulations to all our team riders, including Christian D'Agostin from Australia and our Korean Team riders, Mr. Sung Won Kim, Mr. Young Min Shin, Mr. Dong Whan Kim and Mr. Hokil Kagn.

Jared Ajlouny and Brandon Lawlor put on some great freestyle shows for the crowd. The locals were very excited to watch these shows and proved it by shooting a slew of photos. Everywhere they turned it was camera after camera. Haley, our Jettribe spokes-model, had awesome interviews at the race site with our Jettribe Team riders. She did a very good job at this event. Please watch for these interviews on Facebook in the coming weeks.

We would like to thank the promoters of this event for putting on such a great race and for all their hospitality.