inkalogoIJSBA is very proud to sanction the 2015 World Inka Jet Raid in Peru.

In just two days, the action begins.  It all starts with the efforts of Anibal Aliaga Swidin, the President of the Peruvian Sports Federation of Boating, the IJSBA Affiliate of Peru.  Anibal is as fiercely devoted to PWC Racing as he is proud of Peru's role as a major event host in the sport.  Peru has hosted World Raids, South American Closed Course Championships, and Freeride events all under the Anibal's direction.

This year brings back a World Raid Championship which is a multi-day hybrid of offshore, endurance, and closed course racing resulting in a single overall champion.  Pilots begin on November 14 with two back-to-back offshore heats before ending the day with a closed course competition.  November 15 is a repeat of the same schedule. The rest of the days are all offshore and endurance racing.  Events called "flash" and "consumo" are mentioned in the schedule, but we have no idea what these mean.  We plan to bring daily reports so we will share the discovery with you when it is learned.  In the meantime, here is an opener to let you know what is happening over the next week.

Peru events always begin with a major press conference attended by Peruvian and South American media.  The opening statements were given, on November 5, at the Lexus and Toyota center of Lima.  Lexus, this year, has been stepped up to be a key sponsor in the event.


This year was no exception to the impressive turnout of reporters and journalists:


Anibal sits at the press table, surrounded by several dignitaries, while the announcer excites the crowd.


IJSBA was well represented at the press conference:


Outside, athletes were interviewed about the upcoming competition.


The competition starts tomorrow, November 14.  Watch for updates.

More about the 2015 Jet Raid in Peru can be found here: