IJSBA reports from the final day of the 2014 Thai Airways King’s Cup in Pattaya, Thailand.


The final day of the Thai Jet Sport’s Boating Association’s annual King’s Cup event was filled with victory celebrations, moments of friendship, bikini contests, and extreme displays of personal watercraft action.

The cups have been awarded, and they went as followed:

Pro Runabout 800:  Teera Settura

Pro Runabout Open: James Bushell

Pro Sport GP: Supak Settura

Pro Ski Open:  Chris MacClugage

Pro Freestyle: Rashid Ali Saleh Al Mulla

Complete results from the event can be found here:  http://jetski-worldcup.com/2014results.html

At the end of the day, the hard working ground staff and course marshals arrived in the lobby with enough time to decompress about the day’s event and change before everyone headed to the awards ceremony.  The entire group there really gives 110% to make this event great and the sport is fortunate to have those who take their positions seriously and give the athletes the quality service needed to have a competition of this caliber.  This is just another time in the event where everyone- athletes, staff, and administrators, gather together one more time as a group and celebrate the sport together.  The international camaraderie at the awards ceremony is the finest example you could find in any organized competition.

Please enjoy a few pictures from the final day of the 2014 King’s Cup.  Congratulations to all, especially Drake, Fon, and TJSBA, for a great event.  IJSBA will post more news and recaps from our partners as we receive it.  Stay tuned to ijsba.com for announcements regarding the 2015 King’s Cup.