Renee hill was nice enough to write this recap of the 2014 Jettribe West Coast Series:

The JETTRIBE West Coast Series Championship
Article by Renee Hill

The JETTRIBE West Coast Series came to a close on August 16, 2014 at Lake Perris, CA. The six race series began in Parker, Arizona for a weekend of racing in May, followed by a two day race in Lake Havasu, Arizona in June. Lake Perris, California was the host of the final two rounds on July 12th and August 17th.
Seventeen races would decide the regional champions on this final day of racing hosted by RPM Racing Enterprises. The day began with the future stars of jet ski racing, the Junior Ski 13-15 with Baliee Williams taking first, Spencer Hill second and the series winner, Brent Disney in third. Branden Edwards won the series overall in Junior Ski 13-15 Limited. Kyle Disney won the series in Junior Ski 10-12 Stock, as well as Saturday’s race, followed by Reese Maricich (2nd) and Moe Kanamori (3rd).

Some great racing was watched in the ski classes. Aaron Gewecke won Pro-Am Ski GP, followed closely by Ryan Decker, our series winner, then Mateo Juarez. Decker was also the series champion in Amateur Ski Open, but Kyle Arzaiza won the day, Daniel Yonan second, and Andrew Gewecke third. Master Ski Open was won by Adam Abadie, who was challenged by our series winner Peter Yauri. Dereck Mendoza took third. Glenn Powell won the Expert Ski Limited class and Blake Wicklund was the series winner. Amateur Vet Ski Open had a full line up with Daniel Yonan taking the win, Aaron Sanchez second, and Brian Voegeli third. Peter Yauri was the series overall winner.
Oceane Vilon, our series champion, won the Women’s Ski Limited with Shannon Brooks taking second and Trisha Juarez third. Jerimiah Marino won both motos in Novice Ski Limited. The series winner Joey Morneault place second and Jack Flynn third. Mike Wendricks took first place for the day in Amateur Ski Lites.

One of the day’s largest classes was Sport Spec with 13 riders where Tommy Bonacci (1st) battled against Tyler Hill (2nd) and Tony Martinez (3rd) for the win. Sport GP was won by Shawn Quemada followed by Aaorn Gewecke, the series overall winner, then Tony Martinez. Blaster Spec was another large class where Tommy Bonacci (1st), Todd Young (2nd), and Annie Sims (3rd) battled for the lead. Charlie Sims was the series winner in Vintage X2, in addition to placing first for the day, followed by Danny Ortega, and Christopher Steenbock. Vintage X2 Stock made a comeback at Perris with Chris Henrich placing first, Danny Ortega second and Charlie Sims third.
N/A Runabout had a large line up with Kelly Church taking the win, and Jim Alamillo placing second and Bill Wilson third. Brandon Warner won the series overall. In the series Runabout classes, Charlie Martinez won the series overall in Pro-Am Runabout Stock, Renee Hill in Women’s Runabout, and Akira Tanaka in Novice Runabout Stock. Amateur Freestylers put on a spectacular show with Keith Jacques winning the overall for the series. The day ended with Vintage 550 Ski’s with the series winner Charles Sims taking first, Mark Gomez second, and Michael Demauro third.

The Hot Products Cup winners were also decided in addition to winning the overall series: Junior 10-12 Stock- Kyle Disney, Junior 13-15 Lites-Brent Disney, Sport Spec-Tommy Bonaccci, Women’s Ski Limited-Oceane Vilon, and Amateur Ski Open-Ryan Decker.

A big thank you goes out to our series sponsors who made it possible: Jettribe, Hydo-Turf, Sea-Doo, Hot Product, Bomber Eyewear, Skat-Trak, Jet Re-Nu, Tech-One Racing, Oakley, IPD Graphic, DMP Motorsports, Pro-Rider Magazine, Watercraft Journal, Ross Wallach and his crew.