IJSBA is pleased to release a series of quadcopter videos from the 2014 Jettribe World Finals.  All videos were shot by Evan Kilkus who has been a long time contributor and asset to the sport.

Thanks Evan for all of your hard work in making these happen.  Here are the videos and descriptions from Evan:

These videos were made for fun/a test/not for profit.  The goal was to see how a lightweight and inexpensive drone/quadcopter could be used to video events.  Thanks to everyone who waved to the camera!  I hope everyone enjoys the view!

Jettribe World Finals 2014 BEST OF Racing Footage Video
The Jettribe Racing team dominated at the 2014 IJSBA Jettribe World Finals. Check out this video full of the best racing footage of the weekend!

2014 IJSBA World Finals Sunday Preview
This video shows a few of the highlights from Sunday’s PRO racing and freestyle.  The full length videos of these classes will be released the last week of October.

While filming the racing, sometimes the behind the scenes people make it into the video shot.  They are always working hard and looking like Pros!  Thanks for their hard work from dawn to dusk!  This one’s for the workers!

Blowsion Saturday Night Freestyle Under the London Bridge
What a show!  This video shows what a fun atmosphere we had for round 2 of this weekends Pro Freestyle Competition.  The camera/copter battery died half way into the freestyle runs, but the video still has a ton of great footage.  Be sure to watch Sunday's round 3 video when it comes out, because it will have the top 7 or so riders this year throwing one trick after another!

This video was made for fun/a test/not for profit.  The goal was to see how a lightweight and inexpensive drone/quadcopter could be used to video events.

This was an official contest for the Guinness Book of World Records to see who could do the most back flips in a row on a stand-up jet ski.  LEE STONE pulled off 36 CONSECUTIVE BACK FLIPS, a new world record!!!

GP Runabout Heat
The fastest jet skis of the week were flying down the back straightaway at over 80 MPH, and carving turns faster than ever seen before.  This aerial perspective makes you want to hold on to your seat as you watch these racers hold on to their mini rocket ships!

This was a fun video to put together because the juniors are so pro!  Watch for some great battles, great lines, and serious racing!

This video is staring some fast Sport class racers.  Chris MacClugage out of Lake Havasu City takes the win, with Tyler Hill out of Riverside, CA right on his heels the whole race.

Vintage X2 Moto 1&2
A full line of 20 year old Vintage X2’s were at the 2014 Jettribe World Finals!  These riders were railing side by side, bustin’ some sick turns, and looking rad doing it!

This was my first "flight" when i got to the race site at Crazy Horse Campgrounds, after checking in with event manager to confirm my pre-arranged permission to fly.  This video is more interesting from a quadcopter operator perspective because it shows many of the various perspectives I wanted to film to see what the quadcopter would get/how the footage would look.  I watched the footage that night and saw what shots worked best, and applied this recon mission to the flights for the rest of the weekend.

Racing wise, the "Vet Ski Open" class was tearing it up out on the course during most of the video, and then at the end you will see I got to film the start of the class I used to race, "Runabout Classics Open, (2 Strokes Superstock)!