Canadian Watercraft Association Wrapped Up the 2014 CanAm Watercross Tour in Belle River, ON


Rounds 5&6 of the CWA CanAm Watercross & Freestyle Tour were held on July 19&20 in conjunction with the popular Sunsplash Festival in Belle River, Ontario, for the 5th consecutive year. Competitors from Canada and U.S. flocked from every direction to enjoy the weekend of racing, festivities and nice weather. Promoters Amy Green and Ray Proulx of the Canadian Watercraft Association never ceased to deliver a spectacular event for participants, race fans and sponsors.

Notable riders of the weekend included Jay Edworthy who piloted his Sea-Doo RXPX to win the ProAm Stock class both days. CWA “Rubber Band Man” Scott Fowler got a break from the starting line and took to the water with fellow racers in the Amateur Naturally Aspirated Class. Multi-class rider Andrew Bezan took the podium in Sport, Runabout, and Ski classes. Dave “The Ironman” Davidson battled all weekend with fellow rival Mike Wendricks in the Pro Ski Stock and Pro Ski GP classes. The second annual CWA Soggy Bottom Boat race was held Sunday, with notable race attempts by Novice ski rider Quinn Grant and Bert Green who piloted the Pro Rider themed cardboard vessel. Pro Ski rider Daniel Campanella took to the water with Pro Freestyler Michael Ratti for the widely received freestyle show for thousands of spectators. Errol Lange and Alex Quesnelle continued their season long battle for points, with only a few points separating them for the overall.  Russ Ververka, Rick Maj, and Kyle Holmes came out on top of the full line in the 1000SS class.  Paul Green pulled off the overall win in the Rec Lites class and generously donated his season's Sea-Doo Bounty winnings to the juniors.  A perfect representation of the CWA race community;s commitment to the future of the sport.

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The CWA would like to thank all affiliate members and sponsors for their continued support of the CanAm Watercross Tour.