IJSBA's Australian Affiliate has released this very awesome news.

First Round of the AJSBA National Tour

The AJSBA & GEE Racing Promotions are very excited to announce a 4-round Australian Jet Sports Championship Race Tour consisting of Endurance and Closed Course Championship race events. Burswood on Swan in Perth, Australia was a beautiful site to hold the First Round of the AJSBA National King of the River Tour. Jettribe has heard countless good things about the businesses that sponsored the First Round and the entire AJSBA National Tour, so be sure to thank Yamaha Dealer Stewart Dixon from Jetpower, JetSportWest, AJSBA, and Yamaha for doing an excellent job so far this season. Did you know that one of Jettribe's youngest female riders Jamie-lee Spence lives in Australia? She was able to make it out to the first tour and gave it her all. Her Jettribe Family is very happy for her and we look forward to seeing her compete more in the upcoming 2014 season. She sported her brand new name and number plate for the first time and it looked great with her Factory Wetsuit and RS-16 Race Vest. We would also like to congratulate Guy and James Masterton for doing a great job on the water. We anticipate that the rest of the tour stops will be filled with adrenaline and fierce competition. Jettribe Australia's George was able to make it to the first round and only had to travel 2500 miles to get there. If you're Down Under, be sure to contact George or anyone at the Jettribe Australia Office to get your Jettribe Gear, just like what Jamie-lee is sporting, at a lower rate than getting it from our HQ in Southern California. You can order it online at www.jettribe.com.au . Be safe on the waters and never get caught riding without Jettribe!

Jettribe PWC News

Schedule for the AJSBA National Tour:

Round 1 February 1st & 2nd King of River WA 2 x Enduro Supercourse Motos -4 x

Closed Course....

Round 2 March 15th & 16th NSW St George 2 x Enduro Supercourse Motos-4 x Closed Course...

Round 3 MArch 29th & 30th QLD Redcliffe 2 x Enduro Supercourse Motos- 4 x Closed Course....

Round 4 May 4th Enduro Championship NSW Bridge to Bridge ...

Round 5 May 16th 17th & 18th Closed Course Championship QLD Gold Coast

If you need to look up any information about the race or view the results you can find all of it at http://www.ajsba.org.au/news/round1-king-of-the-river-event-details-released/

Some facts about our PWC Ride Gloves: We consider our gloves to be the best of the best in our industry. In fact, out of every 4000 to 5000 pairs of gloves we sell, only 1 or 2 pairs are ever returned for warranty issues. Crazy isn't it? Especially since most of our end-users are racers, and those folks are extra tough on their gloves compared to the weekend riders.

How is Jettribe able to accomplish this? Each new product goes through a total of two years R & D ( Research and Development ) cycle and one full season of actual testing by our selected Jettribe Team riders on the USA race series and the King's Cup Thailand. Then if the products perform well and hold up to our Jettribe standard then the gloves go into production, usually 8 to 12 months before the release date.

The few factors that made our gloves perform so well are: We have a full-time in-house QC (Quality Control) team that monitors every stage of production - from material sourcing, dye lots , thread tensile strength, cutting and finally assembling.

The producer that builds our gloves is considered to be one of the top two in the world when it comes to high end gloves manufacturing. Our Jettribe PWC gloves are made on the same production line as Oakely, US military, Alpine Star, and Easton just to name a few.