Flyer workingThe IJSBA and Kay Sykes are proud to announce the 2013 Hydro Turf Parade of Nations, being presented to you by Edge Performance. Once again Lake Havasu City in Arizona will be honoring all race participants for the IJSBA Hot Products World Finals. We invite you to come and celebrate Friendship, Culture and Community.

We are very pleased to see these outstanding organizations come forward to become the title and presenting sponsors for an event that is so grand.  Other sponsors include; Jettribe, ProRider Magazine, Rius Racing, Arizona Flyboard and Jersey’s Grill.

They Hydro Turf Parade of Nations is held in cooperation with the 2013 IJSBA Hot Products World Finals that are scheduled to take place October 5th-13th at Crazy Horse campgrounds, With the Parade of Nations taking place on the 9th of October.

Everyone is invited to attend, to honor and represent the flag from their respective country. The event will be held Wednesday, October 9th 7:00 PM under the historic London Bridge. Havasu Entertainment will be setting up their huge 20ft. x 20ft. inflatable screen, playing a DVD, being produced by I Ball Productions, for you to enjoy during the staging process. This special event is free and open to the public.  Staging will begin promptly at 7:00pm and the procession will start at 7:30.  Seating is limited, so you may want to bring your own chairs.

Race Participants will be treated to an extraordinary sight as McCulloch Blvd., between Acoma and Smoketree, transforms into the Avenue of Flags.  International Flags will line both sides of the road welcoming everyone to Lake Havasu City.  This will be a great gathering place, while visiting the numerous restaurants, bars and shops that thrive along the Boulevard.

Over 40 countries will be represented this year at the Hot Products World Finals.  No other event brings together so many different countries to one location other than the Olympics.

Special commemorative medallions will be given to the first 100 race competitors that arrive at the Olympic type opening ceremonies.

Participants and friends are invited to bring something special from their country and gift it to an individual from another nation.  This item could be a sticker, t-shirt, hat or even a small nation flag.

Invite your friends and family to this special event that welcomes all participants from around the world. No other event during the World Finals brings so much pageantry than the Parade of Nations.  This is an international event that touches the hearts and souls of the Competitors that have traveled so far from around the world.  This year will truly be a red carpet event that you do not want to miss.

The Honorable Mayor Mark Nexsen will personally welcome all the racers and teams who have come so far to participate in this International Competition.

Kay Sykes is again the chairperson of this event.  Please send her an email and let her know if you will be attending this amazing event!

If you would like to reserve seating for your country or are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event please let Kay know by sending her an email at