IJSBA-World-Finals-2013-LogoThe IJSBA is pleased to release the Media Credentials Application for the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.  Media Credentials entitle the holder to enter the press tent which provides exclusive beachfront vantage point opportunities.  Access to the announcing tower is not included with the Media Credentials.  Pit passes and parking passes are not included with Media Credentials.

Click Here for Media Information and  Credentials

The policies and conditions are all listed on the Media Credentials Application webpage.  However, IJSBA would like to remind you that absolutely no permission will be granted for any commercial distribution of still or moving images captured at the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.  IJSBA, exclusively, retains any and all copyrights as well as any and all intellectual property rights that exist in the arranging and portrayal of the World Finals.  No video reproduction, even for legitimate news media, may portray an entire heat, moto, lcq, or freestyle routine, regardless if the entity reproducing or hosting the reproduction is a legitimate news media.

Any commercial photography for the purposes of selling images outside of legitimate news media is the exclusive privilege of VAST ACTION Photography, the official photographer of the IJSBA and the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of receiving a media pass, please contact IJSBA by emailing info@ijsba.com or by calling +1-714-751-8695.