IJSBA-World-Finals-2013-LogoWhere did the time go?  We just broke the ten day mark until the gates open.  Things are hectic in the office as we try and tie up as many loose ends as possible.  My desk looks like the file cabinet exploded all over it. Ria’s desk is nice and tidy but is stacked mile high with entry forms and folders.

All of the World Finals rumors, myths, and sewing circle tales are making circulation much to the amusement, and occasional frustration, of those implicated in such fantasies. Perhaps the most bittersweet part of the World Finals build up is that we cross over the date that summer officially ends (at least in this part of the planet).  Summer ended on September 21. It actually snowed in part of the same mountain ranges that surround where the IJSBA trailer is stored.

PWC Racing isn’t just a summer sport, and, even if it were, the global circuit of racing goes all year long which means someone is always racing during summer somewhere.  Whichever way you look at it, the end of one summer gives birth to the next one to come and, somewhere in between, we have another World Finals which is the ultimate celebration of the sport we love, it is where we gather with all of our friends, make new ones, and give it our competitive best.  Please share this following news with your friends and colleagues in the community.

  1. Last chance to pre-register.  Ok, procrastinators, Monday, September 30 is the deadline to avoid paying the on site entry fees if you want to register for the 2013 Hot Products World Finals.  When the clock clicks over to midnight, the online entries will be printed, anything in the fax machine will be scooped up, and you will have to register on site.  If you have sent in an entry form, but have not paid, then you are not registered.  Your unpaid entry form is a lovely gesture and it may save you a few minutes in line by not having to write a new one, but you are not registered if you have not paid.  The prepaid line is for prepaid competitors only.  This is one of the last couple of reminders to register soon and save money.
  2. Check in or register at Havasu Powersports on October 5 and 6.  Check in and on-site registration will open at 12:00 Noon (October 5) at Havasu Powersports.  Havasu Powersports is located at 1040 N. Lake Havasu Avenue (in Lake Havasu City).  On Sunday (October 6), registration will open at 11:00 AM.  Registration will close by 5:00 PM both nights.  Competitors will need to check in before receiving access to enter the pits.  Your likelihood of getting a good pit spot is increased by getting pit access earlier.  Check in earlier (which will also go faster if you pre-registered- see above!) to have a smooth start to your World Finals experience.  Beginning Monday, October 7, check in and new registrations will occur at the upper parking lot of Crazy Horse Campgrounds.  Credit card payments and rider eligibility will need to be verified before wrist bands or parking passes will be released to any persons.
  3. Rider bands and holder bands.  Rider bands and holder bands are now separate.  You may not be on the water, anywhere in the closed area, without a rider band.  No person will be allowed on the track, whether in practice or a race, without a riders band.  This is for the protection of all competitors and we are going to be taking it very seriously.  If any person is found on the course without a rider band then that person will be disqualified from all events and will lose any points or titles.  In addition, all points and titles may be removed from anyone who used the watercraft that was piloted by a person without a rider band; further, that watercraft will not be eligible for competition.  Please police yourself and police others because we will be enforcing this with no warnings or exceptions.
  4. Pit Vehicles.  No person under sixteen may drive any pit vehicle anywhere in the pit.  Helmets must be worn for ANY pit vehicle and speed limits of 5MPH must be maintained.  No street legal vehicle may come into the pits without a vehicle pass.  Please be safe and mindful of others in the pits to avoid fines and penalties.
  5. Live Streaming.  The 2013 Hot Products World Finals will be live streamed beginning Thursday, October 10.
  6. Membership and Affiliate dues must be in good standing to participate.  In order to participate in the World Finals, you must be eligible and a member in good standing.  You must me a member of the IJSBA in the Affiliated Nation which matches your passport.  In addition, the Affiliate must be in good standing with IJSBA.
  7. Hot Products Welcomes Skat-Trak.  Hot Products, the title sponsor of the 2013 World Finals, would like to extend a special welcome to Skat-Trak in their return to the event as a vendor.

I had six more items but I am never going to finish them, so here I am wrapping this one up right here.  We are slammed because so many of you waited to the last week to finalize some agreements.  There will be another update in a couple of days.  Don’t forget to register.  The IJSBA and staff are excited to provide you another World Finals.   Email if you need anything over the next couple of days because I will have limited phone availability: scott@ijsba.com.