For 2005, the USWRA will be recognizing a Triple Crown series with a bit of a twist that incorporates regional racing and World Finals. Each promoter will have a Triple Crown Series that will culminate with all the top finishers from each promoter series meeting at World Finals. Regional promoters will designate three races within their schedule that will be USWRA Triple Crown events. (See schedule listed below.)

In addition to the promoter’s regular series points, points will be tallied separately for the designated Triple Crown races. After the three races of the promoter’s Triple Crown series have been completed, the top finisher in each class will be recognized as the USWRA Regional Triple Crown winner for that class.

Each of these top finishers will be invited to compete in the USWRA National Triple Crown event at World Finals. This event will not be a separate race but rather a race within a race. The USWRA Regional Triple Crown winners will race in their respective World Finals classes as usual.

The highest placing USWRA Regional Triple Crown winner within the World Finals race for that class will be recognized as the USWRA National Triple Crown winner and be recognized as such at the USWRA Annual Awards Ceremony.


  1. It does not require any additional effort on the part of promoters or racers.
  2. Due to work schedules and the increased cost of fuel, racers are not required to incur additional travel outside of what they have already planned.
  3. It is value added to a rider’s participation within the class at World Finals for the race within a race. Even though a rider may not win a World Finals Championship, he/she may still walk away with a USWRA National Triple Crown Championship.

For information or questions, please contact Jim Delzer (714) 957-3315

2005 USWRA Triple Crown Races by Promoter

Region 3 – Northwest Water Competition
May 22 – Saturday – Scootney, WA
June 4 – Saturday – Banks Lake, WA
June 5 – Sunday – Banks Lake, WA

Region 6 – Hammertime Promotions
May 21– Saturday – Lakeview, OH
June 11 – Saturday – Monticello, IN
Sept 10 – Saturday – Lakeview, OH

Region 6 – Great Lakes Watercross
May 28 – Saturday – Nekoosa, WI
July 9 – Saturday – LaCrosse, WI
Aug 20 – Saturday – Nekoosa, WI

Region 8 – Watersports Productions
June 18-19 – Saturday & Sunday – Wildwood, NJ
July 9-10 - Saturday & Sunday – Asbury, NJ
Aug 27-28 - Saturday & Sunday – Newburg, MD

Region 9 – Great Plains Racing
June 11 – Saturday – Fairmont, MN
June 25 – Saturday – Lake City, MN
July 16 – Saturday – Lake View, IA

World Finals
Oct 11-16 – Lake Havasu City, Arizona