The IJSBA will be sending out entryforms to qualified riders beginning sometime mid-August. Riders will then be able to confirm their entry online or mail in the form they receive from the IJSBA.

If you are in the top 40% in your promoters' standing, you will receive an invitation. If, you did not finish among the top 40%, the IJSBA will have a form online where you can request to be an alternate. This form should be online by mid-August.

International riders will receive their entryform from the IJSBA affiliate in their country.

As for the classes that does no require qualifying (Junior, Modified and Master - click herefor requirements) IJSBA will add this on the form that will be mailed to the riders as well as having an online form. Riders may contact the IJSBA.

Questions in regard to your World Finals entry can be made by email to: wfentry@ijsba.comor by phone: (714) 751 8695.