IJSBA is pleased to confirm that the 15th Annual Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 will take place February 23, 2019 in Lake Havasu City Arizona.  This event was previously announced as tentative but, now, IJSBA can announce that the organizers of this event have confirmed commitment for the event.


IJSBA is saddened to announce that the 2019 Mark Hahn 300 will be the final installment of the event.  Since the passing of Endurance Racer, Mark Hahn, his friend, and fellow competitor, Mike Follmer has preserved Mark's memory by producing an annual celebration of life in the form of a never before done endurance race reaching 300 miles.  Follmer has put in an unprecedented amount of work to ensure that this event was the very best for Hahn's memory and the very best for the endurance participants who have come from around the world to try to win this prestigious title.


One day the event would come to an end.  This is to be expected.  Even Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece, The Irises, will one day lose its chemical composition and crumble away.  Creating priceless memories is the same as creating a priceless painting- we take our passion and seek to make our ultimate lasting expression of our experiences during our time on this planet.  A trophy on the mantle, commemorating  your love for Personal Watercraft Racing taken through an extreme and grueling endurance race represents the memories of camaraderie, physical effort, and love of life.  The trophy, in contrast to a Van Gogh painting, may not sell for millions of dollars but, to those who earn it, no value can be put upon it.  The end of this event may be premature to many of us but this does not diminish the value of the upcoming event, either.  This will be a masterpiece experience that will forever be remembered by all of those who participate.  Here is the official announcement from the organizers:


The Hot Products Mark Hahn Havasu 300 will be presented for the 15th and final time in 2019!

Agreement was reached today between Mike Follmer of Follmer Specialties and Jim Russell of DSM Events LLC to confirm the production of this historic race for Saturday, February 23, 2019.
The entry deadline previously announced is now removed. The ever escalating costs to produce this, the world’s longest endurance race for personal watercaft, had created some questions as to the practicality of continuing with this most challenging race but Follmer and Russell have agreed to proceed as originally planned for the 2019 competition. However please note it will be the last one!

Thanks to the long tern sponsorship by Yamaha, Hot Products and the IJSBA we will be able to again offer this unique race to the toughest endurance racers in the world. Three hundred miles of non stop, guns on the table racing for the 15th and final time.

If you have ever wanted to accept the challenge and join the legends of the Mark Hahn 300 now is the time to get your entry in to as there will be no more. AS of today there are only 45 slots still available in the starting line on the beach when the shot gun fires to signal the start of this internationally famous race for the last time.

Whether professional factory team or family fun team this is truly a team competition with rider changes and refueling all on real race time...just like a NASCAR race! As always the race will be followed by the world renown dinner and awards presentation with those super trophies by Follmer Enterprises. Enter now to reserve your spot. For entry and information go to www.MarkHahn300.com But do it now, don’t miss being part of PWC history.