12 World Finals Competitors To Receive All Expenses Racing In Central America



IJSBA is pleased to announce the finalization of a new recurring event in Central America.  Initially teased in 2022, IJSBA and IJSBA's affiliate in El Salvadore will go racing in a volcano as we build a new series: The Championship of the Americas, an intercontinental championship that focuses on some of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean, Central America and Southern America.  The inaugural event will take place in Lake Ilopango- a lake created by the crater of a dormant volcano. Directly on the border of the city of San Salvador, this location is easy to access for visitors and the current government has made safe tourism a leading priority.


IJSBA will select 12 competitors of the 2023 SBT WGP-1 World Finals, 10 Ski Racers and 2 Freestyle Competitors to participate in the inaugural proof of concept race on January 27&28, 2024.  Competitors will be required to participate on Stock Class built Kawasaki SX-R (1500 based).  Competitors will need to furnish their Ski and have it crated appropriately for shipment.  However, the event organizer will pay for round trip shipping in a single container from Los Angeles Harbor.   Additionally, competitors will receive round trip airfare and lodging.  IJSBA will report in more detail shortly and will begin the selection process as World Finals gets underway.  The event organizers will be on hand as an exhibitor to give more details about the future of this event.


For more information about this press release or this opportunity, please email info@ijsba.com